Grind N Fill

Grind n Fill vs three other methods

See how Grind n Fill is faster than three other methods of joint rolling with out even trying. 

About Us

Easy to use joint making system

 We wanted to make rolling your own something anyone could do. Our patented system makes it easy for anyone to make their own.   

Fast and Convenient

 We have combined your grinder with a holder for five cones. In as much time as it takes to grind two fills, you have filled five perfect cones. Ready to be passed around the room, or put back in the pack for later.   

You know what's in it, when you do it yourself

Pre-rolls are convenient, but do you really know what is in it? With GnF you can make whatever you like, however you like.  

MIA DEMO for Grind n Fill

 The lovely Mia shows us how to use Grind n Fill 


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Grind N Fill

Los Angeles, California, United States